Dedicated Ecommerce Manager


The person who will be working for you will be an experienced eCommerce expert. Hence it is not suitable for someone looking for a generic VA skill set.

No long-term commitments

Contract renews monthly and you have the option to hire full-time or part-time. Withdraw anytime you want (but we are very confident you won’t.)

Resourceful person

Your account manager will have access to resources in content writing, graphic designing, product photography Google SEO, Shopify development and more.

Priority support

Your Account Manager will be working dedicatedly with you in real-time, in your time zone - no waiting, no communication gaps, no frustration.

Your eBay / Amazon Dream Team

Certified Amazon consultants with expert knowledge of Amazon product listing, Sponsored Ads optimization, vendor liaison, Seller Central, third-party tools like Helium 10 etc.

Security of your data and Intellectual Property

Comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements are put in place to ensure complete safety and security of your business information and other IP.

Offload all your regular tasks, coordination, vendor management, research work and more to a dedicated amazon expert. It’s as good as hiring your own staff on payroll, but without the hassles,
commitments & high costs.

Expertise in every area that an Amazon eBay Seller Needs

Visibility & performance

Make your presence felt on Amazon and be on the top of the shopper’s mind through well-thought PPC campaigns and rigorous advertising.

Product selection

What products are selling on the marketplace and what’s just sitting there? Get customized, data-driven recommendations to improve product selection.

Dedicated account manager

Work closely with our in-house account manager to brainstorm new ideas, identify the potential opportunities and plan a roadmap to success.

Account health

Get recommendations and best practices to maintain your account health and troubleshoot issues you face in your Amazon account.

From chaos to clarity

Streamlining your operations, increasing your reach, firefighting the issues and determining the next steps for continued success.

Brand development

Creating impactful, performance-based content and narratives that build brand recall and keep your brand in top-of-the-mind of the shoppers.

$3000 per month.