Amazon FBA Reconciliation

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Amazon fees reconciliation and getting refund from Amazon for the product dimension mistakes, FBA fees calculation mistakes and other extra charges taken by Amazon

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  • We check all these scenario
  • Amazon lost inventory at the warehouse, and it has been 30 days
  • Amazon damaged inventory at the warehouse, and it has been 30 days
  • Amazon claims to have reimbursed a return but it has not been reimbursed
  • Amazon improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments in past 9 months
  • Amazon claims to have placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced
  • Amazon issued a refund, but customer never returned item and it has been 45 days
  • Amazon accepted a return after 45 days but you weren’t reimbursed for the 20% restocking fee
  • Amazon reimbursed you for less quantity than you were supposed to get reimbursed for
  • Amazon’s reimbursement is too small compared to value of item
  • Amazon issued a chargeback but didn’t reimburse you
  • Amazon issued a partial refund but you were not reimbursed
  • Amazon approved refund past the normal approval window per their policy
  • Amazon destroyed item without your request or permission
  • Amazon refunded the customer more than they paid for originally
  • Amazon or carrier damaged a customer return
  • Amazon or carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit, and it has been at least 30 days
  • Total reconciliation of all inventory transactions